Why luxtile

Luxtile strives our best to save your time in sourcing process. It is classified specifically into 3 basic structures; homogeneous, porcelain and ceramic.

Different structure might affect your decision in paving the tile in the right way. For example, ceramic tile must be installed on wall only ; almost 90% anti-slip tiles are homogeneous; for the best aesthetic effect, porcelain tile must be your big fans.

Once you decided the tile structure you need, we thoroughly diversify several columns for your search like format, finishes, slip resistance, thickness and origin. Just few steps, we will guide you to your destination preciously.

The coverage of Luxtile is massive: from interior to exterior, light to dark color, glossy  to high anitslip finishes, small to big slab size format, or even the delivery distance., there must be an answer for you.

Somehow, for a government project that you need a tiling system with cove skirting and corner tile, you can also find it at our portfolio.

Performance is also an important criteria. We only collaborate with factory with strict quality control. Moreover, when the product exits the factory, our professions will examine again the standards required in order to make sure you receive the right product at your place. We understand well here because our company sometimes acts as a sub-contractor. We know the cost of fixing a problem at the construction site will be more than 3 times at the factory.

Luxtile will always be your best partner.