About alphastone

In our planet earth, the wonderful creature is our nature. Stone is a kind of natural resources widely used as a building material. We thus combine the stone beauty with new technology to enhance people\'s living standard.

Alphastone is our premium brand carrying 2 types of reconstituted stone; quartz-based and marble-based.

The meaning of reconstitute is the factory breaks down the original stone block into small grains and reforms them to a new engineering slab by implementing chemicals and exerting high pressure.

The output engineering slab provides many advantages than original; 1) higher efficiency use of a stone block, 2) enhancement of physical and chemical performance, 3) consistency in color shading.

Composition of quartz-based measures around 93% quartz, 6 % resin, 1% additive; while, 

marble-based measures around 92% marble powder,  7% resin and 1% additive.

Since their original raw material performs different chemical properties, therefore, their final products will be applied slightly in different area. Nevertheless, both materials are not suitable in outdoor area use.

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